Date Calculator

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Desenvolvedor: PunkStar Studios
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This calculator can add to, or subtract from a date by either years, months, weeks, days, hours, or minutes.

Our apologies. Our releases have been falling behind in the upload queue. There has been a version 1.6 uploaded Nov 28 to fix a problem in the third screen. Unfortunately there is sometimes a delay of several days before it will appear in iTunes.

You can also set a default starting date. This will assist people with iPods and people who always need to do calculations from a particular date (like Jan 1, 2009).

Set the default date from the main screen. If you want to stop Date Calculator from always setting the current date, go into Settings (from your main iPod/iPhone screen) and scroll down to the applications section where you will see DateCalc. From within there you can turn this option on or off.